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Q: I see a lot of cheaper carts, are EZ Haul Carts really that much better?
A: You get what you pay for. EZ Haul Carts are superior in many regards - design, materials, functionality, durability, and total-cost-of-ownership. Inexpensive carts are use cheaper plastic and inferior wheels, which wear out quickly and because they are usually imported it is almost impossible to get replacement parts. The result is having to buy new cart. EZ Haul Carts last much longer and any part can be ordered by calling 800-782-8261. By being able to order just the part you need you can extend the life of your cart investment at a fraction of the cost of having to buy a new cart. Another benefit of an EZ Haul Cart is our superior design, which provides incredible balance. This translates to ease of use and less strain on your arms and back. Cheap carts have poor balance and poorly designed handles and legs that get in the way when using it. While other carts may be cheaper, EZ Haul Carts provide the BEST VALUE of any cart.

Q: What materials are used in the construction of EZ Haul Carts?
A: E-Z Haul carts consist of a tub, a frame, hardware, and tires. The tubs are made from High-Density Polyethylene that has been impregnated with a UV-inhibitor and come in a choice of five colors - blue, green, red, brown, and black. The frame is made from zinc-plated, cold-rolled steel. All hardware is zinc-plated to resist corrosion. All wheels are either solid steel or steel spokes with rubber tires. Tires are available in a choice of Pneumatic or Flat-Proof.

Q: What sizes and capacities do EZ Haul carts come in?
A: E-Z Haul offers carts with tubs in three sizes - 5.5, 8.0, and 11.5 cubic feet. These are non-heaped volumes meaning that you can carry more if the material can be heaped such as soil. The weight capacities are based on the tire ratings and they are 250 lbs. (5.5 cu ft), 400 lbs. (8.0 cu ft), and 600 lbs. (11.5 cu ft). The tubs weight capacity meets or exceeds this rating.  

Q: Do the carts come fully assembled?
A: Depends on the order. If you order your cart from our website then most likely your order will ship by DHL Ground or FedEx Ground. Due to their size restrictions we cannot ship a cart assembled. If you are ordering multiple quantities of carts we will assemble the frames if the carrier will accept them. Assembly instructions are included with you cart.

Q: Is assembly difficult and how long does it take?
A: Assembly is not difficult. Complete instructions are included with the cart and assembly requires only a crescent wrench (or 5/8" wrench), a flathead screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Carts shipped by DHL or FedEx will require approximately 20 minutes to assemble. Multiple cart orders shipped by LTL carriers take about 10 minutes. Assembly instructions are available online.

Q: What if I need assistance assembling my cart?
A: We have set up a page with photos and each stage of assembly. You may also call us at (800) 782-8261 and we will help guide you.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: You may return any product in its original condition for a full refund within 30 days of receipt of your order. Returned items must be in resaleable condition. Returned items must not be used.

Unless the product has a manufacturer's defect, you are responsible for shipping costs to return the item to us, and we will not refund shipping costs when the item was shipped to you. For your protection we suggest you use United Parcel Service (UPS) or Insured Parcel Post for your return shipment. Write the reason for the return on the back of the invoice and enclose it in the return package.

Once we have received and processed the returned item, we will notify you via e-mail of your refund. All refunds will be credited using the same method that you used for the purchase.

Q: Where can I find a local dealer to see EZ Haul Carts?
A: We have over 900 EZ Haul Cart dealers in North America. Please call 800-782-8261 or email us to find the nearest dealer. We are striving to add new dealers in areas which are not currently serviced. If you have a retail business and are interested in becoming an Authorized EZ Haul Cart Dealer please call or email us.