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Which Cart is the Best?

We want to be honest with you. While we have worked tirelessly for over 17 years to make EZ Haul Carts the best on the market they may not be the best choice for everyone. Why? Because there are cheaper carts, wheelbarrows, wooden carts, and other "poly" carts on the market.

So, to answer our original question we need to figure out why you are looking for a cart and what you need it to do. Let's go through each point.

  1. Are you using it frequently? EZ Haul Carts are made from heavy-duty materials for people who will get a lot of use out of their carts. These high-quality materials cost more (and will last many times longer) than cheaper plastic carts. If you are only going to use it a few times durability may not be an issue for you.
  2. Will you be carrying heavy material such as soil, rocks, pavers, manure or firewood? EZ Haul Carts are designed to easily move up to 600 lbs. to accomplish this feat we had to design a cart that was more substantial than other carts you will find on the market (see what we mean). These extra features include all steel wheels, stronger steel axle, thicker polyethylene tubs, and an extra "saddle axle housing" to provide strength and support. If you only need to move light material such as leaves you may not need this extra strength.
  3. Is the ground bumpy, rocky or uneven? EZ Haul Carts only come with steel wheels and your choice of Flat-Proof (the ultimate no-hassle wheels) or pneumatic rubber ties. To match the quality of our cart we could not use less expensive plastic wheels. To go further we incorporated smooth-rolling sealed ball bearing hubs so that our carts would be easy to move with those heavy loads. Lighter loads on very smooth ground should work with plastic wheels and save you a few dollars if cost is the most important.
  4. Are you very strong or looking for a good workout? If so, wheelbarrows are the way to go. Lifting and balancing that heavy load can be a challange with a wheelbarrow or poorly designed cart. EZ Haul Carts reputation was built on it's incredible balance and ease of use. This was accomplish by trial and error until we found the perfect combination of materials, weight distribution, leverage, geometry, and ergonomics.This is what makes EZ Haul Carts truly superior to all other carts. Because of our legendary quality and balance our carts will lift more weight with much less effort than wheelbarrows and bargain carts. This means more work in a shorter time with less fatigue. Caution: You won't get a good workout with and EZ Haul Cart.
  5. Do you enjoy cleaning and caring for your cart? We'll be the first to admit that a wood cart has a certain "natural-look" appeal. Unfortunately, some of that appeal wears off the first time you have to clean and treat the wood. Some cheaper wooden carts are made from an inferior "plywood" material that needs to be treated to keep it from rotting due to moisture. You will need to spend a little more time cleaning it too because the surface is rough and collects more "debris." Since EZ Haul Cart users tend to use their carts a lot we designed them to be very easy to use. Our smooth tub can be washed out easily with a hose and you will not need to treat it to keep it from moisture damage. Oh, and by the way, you cannot get a splinter from our tubs.
  6. Will you only keep your cart a year or two? If so, it might be less expensive to buy a cheap plastic cart every couple of years. We hate to see all those carts end up in the local landfill so we designed EZ Haul Carts to last much longer and be more environmentally friendly. To start off, our polyethylene tubs are made from the highest quality recycled material. Next, we designed our carts so that any part can be replaced without having to throw out the whole cart and buy another. If your horse kicks it and damages the handle just call us up and order an inexpensive replacement. It is all part of our effort to provide our customers with a low cost-of-ownership.
  7. Do you have a cousin in China? Many carts today are made overseas because of cheap labor. If a wheel breaks on that cheap plastic cart you'll need some international connections to get a replacement (and do not bother calling the local superstore where you bought it). On the other hand, we make all of our carts in the United States. If you ever need a new wheel or part just call our toll-free number (800) 782-8261.
  8. Do you need to avoid lifting altogether? EZ Haul Cart's original 2 wheel carts are easy to lift but if a disability or injury prevent any lifting then take a look at our 3 wheel and 4 wheel carts. We even offer a Trailer Cart that can be pulled behind a lawn tractor or an ATV.

If you have any other questions please contact us.