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About Us

Founded in 1985 as Easy Products and recognized as PMI, maker of the EZ Haul Cart since 1992.

For over a decade, we have been refining our designs, expanding our model selection, and hand building each EZ Haul Cart in the United States for quality assurance. Unlike other companies that merely include carts as one of their product offerings, PMI chooses to specialize in designing and manufacturing only high quality carts that are versatile enough to meet the demands of a variety of markets – from farms and ranches to marinas and parks.

Our goal is to make the best product that offers great value to our customers. This translates to a commitment to excellent design and low cost-of-ownership that is evident in each EZ Haul Cart that leaves our plant. We design each EZ Haul Cart model to be perfectly balanced. Our ergonomic designs make it easy for any person to handle a heavy load with any EZ Haul Cart. We build each EZ Haul Cart model with the finest materials so they are extremely durable and will last many years.

What more can our customers ask for? Responsive customer service. We agree, and work hard to develop strong customer relationships. We make it easy for our customers to reach us for questions or, on the rare occasion, for a replacement part. Our toll-free number is available to customers who want to reach a live customer service person. For those who would rather not chat, there’s always our website that provides in-depth information on our products, as well as an email address for those customers who prefer to write us.